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Nature Is Your Prescription For Better Health!

Here in Central Pennsylvania, spring has officially arrived!  The sun is rising sooner and setting later.  It is amazing just how much more energy I feel from a few days of warm, sunny weather.  These gorgeous days have brought me outside, taking walks and sitting in the sun. Yesterday, we turned the outdoors into our classroom.  It was so nice to meet our homeschool gang down in the woods at the creek.  They picked flowers, followed a hawk through the sky, played in the creek and climbed trees.  The moms and the kids all felt so rejuvenated after that walk in the woods.

"I go to nature to be soothed & healed

& to have my senses

put back in order."

- John Burroughs

That is because walking in nature is truly good for your health!!!  

  1. Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?  A walk in nature is an excellent way to reduce stress.  Reducing stress improves lowers your blood pressure, improves your heart functions, improves your metabolism, improves diabetes, reduces headaches, pain in your body and so much more!

  2. Suffering from anxiety or depression?  Talk a walk in nature to increase feelings of peace and joy.  Walking in nature has a significant impact on improving mental clarity an overall mental well being.  A brisk walk in nature increases endorphins, our feel good hormones, leaving you with those peaceful and joyful feelings.

  3. Walking in general is a good, easily accessible cardiovascular activity.  This helps your body stay in good shape, tone muscles and lose weight.  Studies show that walking outside increases each of these and studies suggest that walking in nature is better for your heart than running.

  4. Having trouble concentrating?  Talking a walk in nature helps to clear the mind allowing you to find better focus and improving your memory.

  5. Creativity increases in nature.  Walking in nature opens pathways in the brain that unleash creativity.  Turn towards nature to feel creativity motivated!

  6. Need inspiration?  The simple act of walking in nature increases our feelings of optimism and happiness leaving us feeling inspired.  These happy feelings create all sort of positive health impacts.

  7. How about an immune boost?  It has been proven that a walk in nature as short as 20 minutes, boosts your immune functions.  This helps you fight illness and disease.

  8. How is your sleep?  There is a direct link between nature walking and improved sleep.  Studies show that after a walk in nature, you sleep longer and more soundly.

So I encourage you as the days get a little longer and a lot warmer, step outside, breathe and just start walking!  And when you need a little break, climb a tree and rest for a while!

In Health & Wellness...Live Radiantly

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