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Sacred Sisterhood Circles

Fostering Deep Connections Through Sacred Sisterhood.

In 2015, I chose the words intimacy & sacredness for myself.  When I chose them I had a romantic relationship in mind but something very different grew from the seeds I planted.  I realized I was craving real connection with other women.  I also had a deep desire to move beyond the world of fitness to teach women that real health & wellness is so much more than diet & exercise. 


Optimum health is rooted in how much peace & joy we have in our lives.  These ideals are the very foundation of my sacred sisterhood circles.  Here you have a place to gather with other women to make soulful connections, be a part of ancient rituals & sacred ceremonies as a means of navigating the complexities of modern life.  

We gather monthly to circle, to honor ourselves & each other.  These monthly gatherings are with other women who have made the commitment to circle on a regular basis.  This commitment is the framework for feeling supported & safe.  

To inquire about monthly Sacred Sisterhood Circles, please click here

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