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Reiki, Meditation & Sound Immersion

Mind, Body & Spirit at Peace

Optimum health & wellness goes beyond diet & exercise.  Staying physically healthy means taking care of our mind & spirit as well.  The practices of reiki, mediation & sound immersion have been proven to be effective modalities for improving overall physical & mental health.  

Reiki & Sound Immersion are the ancient science of healing by moving energy in the body to create balance of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Both reiki & sound immersion relax the mind, restore the body & to bring about renewed energy & greater clarity. 

Meditation is a mindfulness tool used to help you cultivate a calmer mind where we learn to manage our mental chatter, worry, anxiety and stress.  

Honor your body's need for rest by experiencing Radiant Rest. Radiant Rest is a space to unwind, disconnect, relax & just be. Let yourself be treated to the healing art of Reiki, very gentle stretching, sound bath & sacred rest. In a world constantly asking more from us, honoring the body's deep need for rest is a revolutionary act. I look forward to helping you move from exhaustion to restoration.

Keri offers private sessions for individual or combined services. 

1 Hour Session $55

3 Session Pass $150

Click here to schedule a session today.

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