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Daring To Dream Big....

WOW! I know it is clique but man does time fly! Scrolling through Facebook memories yesterday I was reminded that on this day 6 years ago, I hosted my first ever Sacred Sisterhood Circle. It was the official launch of Radiant Life Health & Wellness. A couple months earlier, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone would like to gather regularly for sisterhood circle. I wanted to share the sacred art of radical self care & help women embrace an idea of optimum health & wellness that had NOTHING TO DO WITH DIET OR EXERCISE. I had more responses than I had space to accommodate. At the time I posted this, I had never even sat in a sacred sisterhood circle. I wasn't sure where the idea was coming from, of course now I know the Universe was divinely guiding me. So with a big dream in my heart, I hosted my first circle 6 years ago. Over 100 circles later & the magic has must gotten bigger & more beautiful.

That first circle is so vivid in my mind, that it could have just happened last night. 12 brave, vulnerable women gathered on my family room floor. A family room in a house I had only just moved into. A house that was generously gifted to me by a real Earth Angel. Someone who knew the abusive situation I was living in & made it possible for my kids & I to start over. A house that became a home filled with many beautiful memories. A home that was a safe haven for me to dream big. A home that provided space for many women to remember their essence. A home that made it possible for me to create sacred space.

"WOW! I can't remember the last time I fell back on to my bed at the end of the day with such joy and gratitude!! I am pretty sure my heart sprouted wings last night! I am still finding it hard to find the words to describe the tremendous beauty and courage that filled my home last night. 12 amazing ladies joined me in my home last night as I offered my first sacred circle. I am honored and so freaking inspired! Thank you to all were there last night but also thanks to all the incredible sisters who have encouraged me along this new journey! Living in light because you have shined bright for me!!" - January 2016

Let me rewind just a bit further.... In January 2015, I chose the words INTIMACY & SACREDNESS as 2 of my words for the year. I chose them with a deep desire to create those things in my marriage. I felt heart broken when I finally realized it was not possible. After that first circle in January 2016, I knew however that I had actually manifested intimacy & sacredness....abundantly in fact! When I allowed my heart to be open, when I trusted the nudge from the Universe, when I let myself dream bigger than I ever had, all manner of beautiful medicine showed up in my life.

To this day, I have a journal page from December 2015 hanging over my desk that has the heading: DARING DREAM. On that paper I wrote "My big dream for myself is to create a sacred space for women to achieve optimum health & wellness of mind, body & spirit establishing a practice of self care rooted in spiritual nourishment. To inspire & support women in sacred circle. To help make everyone an artist. To use movement as medicine. To share my story openly. My purpose in the world is to nurture & inspire whole self wellness." WHAT A DREAM!!!!!

Now here I am this morning floating in the support of last night's Sacred Sisterhood Circle. What a gift to host circle last night on the anniversary of my first gathering. I have hosted well over 100 sacred circles for women & girls over the last 6 years. It has been more than I could have dreamed! The power of women gathering intentionally is magnificently healing, not just for ourselves but for each other. This is necessary for the divine feminine spirit, not optional. We come with hearts open, bare & vulnerable. Our tears are holy water which we anoint ourselves. In this space we know our fierceness & our gentleness. Courage rises in this sacred space so that as we step out of the circle, we carry this energy with us. Few things have been as nourishing as circling with sisterhood. I am so deeply grateful for the women & girls who co-create this deliciously juicy space with me. I look forward to a new year filled with continued connection & nourishment from this sacred space. Together we will continue to rise up. RISE SISTER RISE.....

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