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Manifesting Magic

Sometimes when I talk about magic with people who don’t know me well they start thinking witches & spells & magic potions. That is not what real magic is.

If you follow me often enough, you know that I host a monthly sacred sisterhood circle. I have been talking about magic with my sisters the last month. The subject has been on my mind more & more lately, especially as spring is in full bloom. Sometimes when I talk about magic with people who don’t know me well they start thinking witches & spells & magic potions. That is not what real magic is.

Magic is about experiencing beauty, the extraordinary, the delightful in such a way as that it seems removed from every day life. Magic is the unexplained, the mystifying, the serendipitous, the moments that leave you in complete awe, the complete surrender to the energy of the universe.

We are all capable of being & seeing magic every day, every where. We just have to create space for magic to manifest. In a culture addicted to being busy, always connected to technology, a disconnect from nature, poor diets & living in a haze of drugs, prescriptions & alcohol, it is no wonder we rarely experience magical moments. We are living in such low vibration, disconnected from the energy of the universe. The good news is that right now, in this very moment, we can begin to manifest magic!

While preparing for my April sacred sisterhood circle, I was diving in deep to what magic is, how we manifest it. Thoughtfully, I looked back at my own experiences. Facebook does this thing where it tells you the words you use most in your posts & puts it into this cute little graphic. Well MAGIC was in mine. I do see my life as magical & full of magical experiences. How have I cultivated that? What can I do to experience even more magic? What things can we all do to raise our vibration to live a more magical life? I came up with this list:

Faith in a greater spirit/energy/life force/god Belief that you can make a difference Expressing gratitude A deep love and respect for nature Limiting use of technology Cultivating a meditation practice/embracing stillness & quiet Prayer Engaging in play Trusting yourself Belief that you can do hard things Living in a state of marvel and wonder Wisdom vs. knowledge Keeping an open mind and remaining judgement free Let go of how others perceive you Release feelings of guilt & shame Stop being so busy Get lots of quality sleep Record/pay attention to your dreams Live consciously in all ways High Vibration (sugar, caffeine, cell phones, technology, bright lights, being indoors all the time, lack of movement, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, poor diet all keep us at a low vibration) Reduce stress Healthy relationships Living a sacred life

There is so much magic happening all around us. So much that we can’t comprehend or make sense of. We often try to apply science or religion to give things reason, but there are more occasions than not where science or religion just can’t explain. Open your mind, body & spirit to the realm of all possibility! Magic is abundant!

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