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Living A Year Of Meaningful Intentions

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Many years ago, I gave up New Year resolutions & began the practice of choosing 3 words that represented my intentions for the year.

2017 is going to be all about Embodiment, Radiance & Love!

Happy New Year (a few days late LOL)! A lovely little virus struck our house early this year so I got behind in my blogging. My kiddos got hit with it before I saw it coming but with lots of my favorite vitamins, juicing & double duty elderberry, I have managed to stay healthy thank goodness. January also started with a new year for the Radiant Life Sacred Circle. Our January Circle was dedicated to embracing the quiet medicine of winter. In the weeks leading up to circle, we all took time to reflect on 2016 & what we hoped to manifest in the new year. We worked on our intentions and thinking about new vision boards. Circle was a beautiful time to share those new intention & to create our vision boards.

Many years ago, I gave up New Year resolutions & began the practice of choosing 3 words that represented my intentions for the year. This shift in mindset was revolutionary for me! I wrote about it last year on my blog as well. 2016 was the year of Expansion, Joy & Creativity. How those 3 powerful words manifested themselves in my life was nothing short of amazing! When you breathe into every corner of your soul hopeful possibility & surround yourself with an authentic tribe of compassionate humans, anything can happen & that is just what 2016 was for me!

Embodiment. A reminder to be fully immersed in the moment as my truest self. To take the time to pause, to think about what I am doing, how I am doing it, if it is really what I want or need to be doing. A reminder to unplug & be present in the moment, to fully embody each experience, each feeling, each breath.

Radiant. It is the name of my sisterhood circle & I want to grow that. Spread the message of healing. It is a reminder to shine bright. To be brilliant & dazzling. A reminder that my essence is radiant joy, radiant love, radiant life. It is a reminder that when we live radiantly, we shine love & light for others to heal & be inspired in.

Love. Not much to explain here. Just want to live in & from pure love. It is what we as humans were created to do. To live in and from pure love with myself, my kids, my friends, my family, my partner, new people I meet, my life! I want to experience & give pure beautiful love. I want to love my mind, my thoughts, my heart, my body. I want to open my heart up to loving the people in my life more & to be open to loving each new person I meet. To love each moment of the day, even the ones that feel hard to get through. From love, all is possible.

So 2017 is here & I am so excited. My vision board is filled with that excitement. I have included things on my vision board, I never thought I would. It is empowering to know I have the courage to manifest the things I desire. In years past, I lacked that belief but loving, supportive friends, a beautiful tribe of sisters, shined their lights on me when my own light didn’t shine. I know now that we all possess that courage if we just dive in. We will find our way!

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