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Journey Through Journaling

From the time I was a young girl, I remember keeping a diary. Throughout my 48 years I have documented my days in some way. Sometimes it was scrapbooks, others art journaling, I went through a teen phase of making collages from my daily life, but most often it has been the simple act of keeping a journal.

In the fall of 2015 I shared on my blog a post called Coping Through Crisis where I credit journaling as one of the best tools to navigate a crisis along with things like meditation, asking for help, sobriety & more. Journaling during those very dark & difficult days provided such deep insight & allowed me to keep coming back to my truth.

Cultivating a daily habit of journaling offers such incredible healing. It is a simple & effective way to develop self awareness & mindfulness, spark creativity, disconnect from the pressures of the world around us, improves memory, reduces anxiety, boosts optimism, strengthens self discipline & is truly healing for the mind, body & spirit. All you need is a notebook & something to write with.

An easy to way to begin a journaling ritual is to follow daily journal prompts. At the start of the year I began offering daily journal prompts for a private Facebook group I organized. It has been so well received, I wanted to share it with everyone. Starting today, throughout the month of April, I will post on both my Facebook page & Instagram account a daily prompt so you join me on the Journey Through Journaling. Just follow me to receive the prompts. I have also attached a printable PDF for you of April's journal prompts. You can print that out to tuck inside your journal.

"The greatest gift

of journaling

is recognition.

No matter what type

of journaling you do, the advantage of putting it on paper is

a new point of view."

I look forward to connecting with you on Facebook & Instagram. Please share some of your responses. They will certainly spark hope & inspiration in all who see them. Journaling is a journey through vulnerability, honesty & insightful reflection. When we share that insight with others, it is soul food for us all.

April Journal Prompts
Download PDF • 1.37MB

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