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I Am My Beloved

Valentine's Day...the day where we proclaim our love to those around us with store bought greeting cards & chocolate.  But what if this year, you took yourself as your own valentine?  What if you proclaimed to be your own beloved?  What would that even look like?  How would that feel?  In culture where loving ourselves is deemed selfish, this may be hard but the truth is we must love ourselves before we can love anyone else.  We must unabashedly be devoted to ourselves.  In the beautiful words of poet Rupi Kaur, "I love myself. The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever" we recognize the power of our own devotion to self.  For most of us, loving ourselves so deeply is a revolution.  It is a radical departure from how we live our daily lives but today is the day I invite you to step into a loving relationship with yourself!

Last week was my monthly sacred sisterhood circle.  Our theme was I Am My Beloved.  We discussed the importance of finding room in our hearts to love ourselves so that we can connect with our true essence, so we can remember who we really are, so we can engage with the world in a loving & compassionate way, so that we can leave a beautifully loving legacy.  We spent quiet time in circle writing love letters to ourselves.  Talk about cracking our hearts wide open! WOW!!  This exercise was joyful for some of my sisters & for others, it was a nearly impossible project.  Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves?  Why do we feel such guilt & shame being kind to ourselves?  Let's begin the revolution Rupi Kaur invites us to....look at yourself with eyes of wonder, date yourself, live in full service to your heart, write that love letter to yourself!

I took the plunge & admittedly, it was a challenging letter to begin but what a soulful journey writing that letter was.  I shed a few tears but mostly I had the sweetest feeling, like butterflies in my belly!  When I sat back in circle to read my letter out loud, I felt as though the love of my life  had arrived & personally delivered all my heart had ever wanted to hear.  Let me share it with you...

Dear Beloved Keri,  I am writing to tell you just how much I love you.  I know I need to tell you that much more often! You have had an emotional year but everyday you amaze me. I love how you are able to find bits of beauty in everyone you meet & know & all the places you go. Your heart is big & beautiful. You are a very special soul. Those big feelings you have are your super power. You are a wise woman, you are a nurturer, so empathetic. Please don't ever change!

My beloved friend, your strength is part of what I love about you. You face each day with courage & grace. Remember to be easy with yourself. The way you share yourself openly gives strength & hope to others. That is beautiful dear friend, don't ever forget that.

Oh sweet Keri, I think your body is just as perfect as your heart & soul. I see you looking at yourself in the mirror, smiling, being flirty & feeling pretty.  That is sexy! You are gorgeous.  I love the way the corners of your smile is now framed with subtle wrinkles, same with around the corners of your eyes. Your eyes sparkle so much more, no one cares if you have a few wrinkles. They are part of your story, proof you are living a real authentic life. I think they make you more beautiful than ever! I love that you have given yourself permission to let your hair go wild, untamed & more natural.  It is fun how you always were glittery eye shadow. You are a hero for letting your own unique self shine bright!

Thank you so much for trusting your intuition & for following your heart. I know sometimes it feels scary but the way you embrace uncertainty amazes me! The things that inspire you say so much about your abundant grace & beauty. When we walk in nature, the poetry you read to me, the way your write & the way your always look for a sunset & stars, they bring peace to me. I love sitting with you in meditation, enjoying your calm & openness. 

Thank you for your art & creations. Your creativity makes me smile.  It brings joy to the places & people around them. Creativity is one of your many gifts. When things feel hard or out of control, don't forget the joy that creating brings you!

Sometimes you are too hard on yourself. Be gentle sweet soul, your mistakes have always opened new doors for you...don't forget that! Let go of guilt so that you can do even more amazing things with your magnificent life. You are divine in all ways, artfully created, a soulful beauty...a true masterpiece. I love you now & forever....

In Health & Wellness...Live Radiantly!

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