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Health Reboot Recap PLUS A New Recipe For You!

I have been sharing about the 28 day Health Reboot I was doing.  Well it is officially over.  A few friends have asked what I was going to eat to celebrate?  The answer is quite simple, nothing really different than what I have been eating for the last 4 weeks.  What would be the point?  Cleanses and Detoxes are great tools but the idea behind them should never be about a temporary change.  These plans are great ways to help you explore what is going on with your body, help your body to reset and maybe to help you shed a few pounds that you have been hanging on to or gained mysteriously.  Going back you old way eating right out of cleanse/detox is the fast track to ending up right back where you started.  I don't even like to call these kinds of plans cleanses, diets, or detoxes.  Think in terms of REBOOT!  The plan was to help you focus on foods with positive effects while eliminating foods which could be irritating your mind and body in hopes of rebooting your body.  Now that I am feeling so much better, why go back to old patterns?  Of course not everything I gave up during the reboot will end up not working for me but as I slowly reintroduce some of the foods which I eliminated, I will see which ones work for me and which ones don't.

So the official recap?

  • All inflammation & pain in my fingers and hands is totally gone!

  • The bloating in my stomach has been completely eliminated!

  • The constant heavy, dull feeling within my body is a thing of the past!

  • I am significantly more focused and clear headed!

  • My energy levels are way up!

  • The unexplained weight I had gained has melted away.  I feel trimmer everywhere on my body!

  • My daughter pointed out that my skin looks amazing! (and it was wasn't followed by request to buy something)

  • Overall, I just feel lighter and clearer with my mind, body and spirit.

What about the Reboot caused all these great stuff???  I truly believe it was a combo realizing I wasn't eating enough protein and eating way to much fruit (which is really just sugar).  The combo of those two things, was really zapping my energy as the day went on.  By significantly upping my veggie intake, reducing my fruit intake and adding just a little bit more plant based protein, I am feeling amazing!  I am by nature a pretty healthy eating but I also had fallen into a trap of not eating in a conscious or spiritual way.  When you really eat with a mindful intention, there is great pleasure in the food and we are likely to make healthier choices because we are in tune with what our body actually needs.  Overwhelming gratitude to my friend and fellow Wellness Warrior Amy Nastick of  Hungry Heartbreak for your support and guidance these last 4 weeks!

The Reboot also really amped up my kitchen creativity.  It was a fun challenge to figure out how to eat so many veggies in ways that felt comforting and satisfying.  I want to share with you not only my favorite creation from the Reboot, but my family's as well.  It is another fast, easy one pot meal.

Spicy Mustard Greens with Zoodles - serves 4

5 Zucchinis spiralized - I LOVE the Veggetti for making veggie noodles AKA Zoodles if using zucchini

6 Cups Mustard Greens - removed from the stalk and finely chopped

2 Large Mild - Hot Peppers - I used a Poblano, chopped

2 Garlic Cloves - finely chopped

3/4 Cup Sundried Tomatoes - chopped

Grapeseed Oil


Salt & Pepper

Begin by making your zucchini noodles.  This is such a fun and simple technique.  I leave the skins on and like the wider setting for making the veggie noodles.  Set aside.  Now chop you garlic and peppers.  Coat the bottom of a large deep skillet with grapeseed oil and get oil warm.  Add to it the garlic and peppers.  Keep heat on medium as garlic can burn easily.  While the garlic and peppers are sauteing, chop your mustard greens.  Mustard greens look like kale but are a brighter, lighter green and when eaten raw have a strong, spicy flavor.  Sauteing the mustard greens takes the big kick out of them while maintaining their unique flavor.  If you can't find mustard greens you substitute with kale, swiss chard or fresh spinach. Once the garlic and peppers are tender, add the chopped greens.  Sprinkle a bit of salt, pepper, and oregano.  Saute for about 2 or 3 minutes on medium heat.  Now add your zoodles.  Toss and saute for about 5 minutes until the zoodles are warm all the way through. Finally, add your chopped sundried tomatoes and mix in well.  Now you are ready to serve it.  I prefer it just as a veggie dish but it goes well served over a bed of quinoa or nutrient dense rice like brown, black or wild rice.  Best served right away.  ENJOY!!

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