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Gifts of The Divine Feminine...

This morning I was listening to a guided meditation about connection with the Divine Feminine Spirit as part of The Moon School course I am taking. Try as I may to quiet my mind, so many messages were coming to me during the meditation. Like I usually do, I wrote following meditation. I needed to write down all the things that were filling me up after this beautiful time in stillness. Questions & thoughts I had. What is my relationship with the Divine Feminine Spirit, what do I identify her as, when did I actually begin praying to her, how does she fill my spirit, what has my experience been being a women in the world today, who are the women that embody this essence & what gifts have the honored the world with? My mind was full so I filled pages in journal.

I do feel extremely connected to my own feminine energy, I think I have since a very young girl climbing trees in a dress with messy braids tied with bows at the ends. The connection has waxed & waned over the years but it always comes back & usually much stronger. I loved full skirts that swirled around me, skinny dipping at night, journaling, making art, creating homey spaces even in my treehouse, picking wildflowers, gazing at the star & weekend slumber parties with girlfriends. Today a huge part of my job is helping women connect to the their feminine energy & the divine feminine spirit.

I love living as a woman in this world!! It comes with its challenges for sure but as I unapologetically embrace myself with fierce love & deep compassion, I move through those challenges with greater ease. I love my softness as a woman, the flowing curves that remind me to meander & wander. I cherish my womb space which gives birth to so many of my dreams & creations. My god - I can & have grown inside my body two human lives & birthed them, a seemingly unimaginable & impossible idea. It is nothing short than miraculous! My wild, whimsical heart that grows & nurtures love, kindness, empathy, connection & allows me to see beauty in all things. As a woman, I don't have to apologize for the river of tears I cry & then use to anoint my heart & third eye with their holiness.

How can I not find it quite enchanting to be a woman in the world? Yes, I have experienced trauma & hardships because of my womanness. I have been overpowered, assaulted, abused, controlled, felt trapped, scared & intimidated but it was the gift of being a woman that also helped me escape torment. The knowing that a circle of women would gather around me, spinning a womanly web of love & support to hold me when I couldn't quite stand on my own. This circle of women prayed for me, sang to me, danced with me, held my hand, spilled their tears & shared their stories. Then they rejoiced with me as my radiance returned.

These women have taught me so very much. From them I have learned how utterly delicious & juicy it is to be a woman. They have modeled gentle grace & unshakable courage, unconditional love & the power of tenderness. They have taught me to be a beauty hunter & love radiator. They have given me permission to stop the striving & to just be me. My goddess...that is a beautiful gift in a world dedicated to making us believe we will never be enough & will always be too much. The women in my life have taught me to accept myself as I am, that my now is perfect & worthy. I have learned to see beauty in all women through our dancing, singing & sharing together the veil of illusion lifts & we are together bare, naked, raw & breathtakingly brilliant in our beauty. ALL OF US!

The Divine Mother is ever present in my life today. I see her in the faces of my sister friends, in the birds & bees that feed in my garden, in the darkness of a moon lit sky, in the forest & mountains, in the flowery fields, in the vast waters that cover our planet, I see her in my brothers. I see & feel her everywhere. She embodies creation, grace, love, courage, beauty, faith, growth, & patience. She lives in me - from her I was created & from here I live with my heart open to experience this precious life in reverence & awe.

- Blessed Be

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