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Following My Path

Every day is a new chance to wake up happy, embrace what life gives you and to follow your heart.  While I was in Sedona attending the Shamangelic Healing retreat, I spent a lot of time learning about ancient Shaman wisdom.  During these days of learning we also spent many long hours doing deep soul work.  In those quiet, intense moments I really thought about what my own body and soul needed.  I realized that I had many dreams I wasn't acting on simply out of fear.   Why do we do this?  What are we so afraid of?  For me, I know I partly fear how I will manage being a full-time homeschooling mom, wife and pilates instructors.  The reality though is that I do usually balance it all and still create time for myself.  I left Sedona with a solemn vow to myself to live a more authentic life.  That means stepping out into the unknown.

Today I took a giant step...I am officially going back to school.  Today I enrolled in school to become a Health Coach!  For years I have been following my passion for health, nutrition and wellness.  I have read so many books, watch movies, taken workshops and more.  I just love learning about clean living and whole body wellness.  I have gotten my kids and husband on board, plus many clients and friends.  I have been encouraged for years to take this passion to the next level and with that support I have the courage follow my dream.  I will be starting classes in July and couldn't be more excited!!

Thanks to the magical energy of Sedona for giving me the peace of mind to know I can do whatever I set my mind to....

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