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Embracing Your Wild Intuition...

"You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." -Alan Alda

Eleven wildly wonderful days in Morocco! I woke in my own bed this morning but dreamed of the magic & wonder of this dazzling country. I said yes to this adventure more than a year ago. As the weeks until departure shrunk to just a few, I began to have such trepidation about going. Fear of leaving my kids, judgement from others for taking a trip of this sort, doubts that I could stretch myself in the ways a spiritual journey like this would demand, traveling alone back & forth, the physical demands on my body while still recovering from pneumonia..... Oh how the ego can spin wicked stories & a stir up a storm inside of your head real fast. I told my family & friends I had decided I wasn't going, it just wasn't good timing. I emailed the organizer of the retreat & said I couldn't go. Thank goodness for a steadfast sisterhood who showed me the way back to my heart, to my true nature, to my wildly wonderful intuition!

Morocco was all things! Chaos, bright lights, rumbling motors, languages & cultures colliding, bold colors, strange smells, sights that disturbed me...this was Marrakech at first glance. Through the softening into my true essence though, what I saw was the soulful eyes of these people, their hearts & generosity with each cup of tea I was offered. I delighted in the dazzling lights, dove right into the language & culture, tasted all things strange & new, saw beauty in that which disturbed me knowing it was life supporting to these loving people. I was able to feel the rich history of this city, to learn the stories that brought it to its vibrancy. I was able to feel my own heart beating again, to reclaim the vibrant parts of myself.

Then the extremes....the lush mountain valley communities & the harsh Sahara Desert. Physically, I was pushed by the many uneven footsteps climbing through ancient mountain cities, the effort it takes to walk just take a few steps on scorching hot sand, you feet sinking deep, the physical effort to pull them out & take the next step. The intense mid-day sun, and the untamed winds that come with sunset. But in the space of taking a deep breath & placing my hands upon these lands, the energetic connection to this place was undeniable. The energy was visible, the vibration felt right to my core, these lands are holy & sacred. I came to this place in devotion to living in full service of my wild heart & soul. I had fallen into a place of comfort that was honestly making me uncomfortable.

The spirited energy of Marrakech, the solemn soul of the Atlas mountains, & the revered ancestry of the desert were soul stretching. Circling with my sisters in these wildly wonderful places cracked my heart open wide. I arrived with no plan, was committed to being open & willing, gave myself permission to trust my divine intuition & was gifted with more than I could have dreamed. Sacred Sisterhood in Morocco brought me back home to myself.

In Health & Wellness...Live Radiantly!

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