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Do You Remember The First Time You Knew You Were Alive?

I absolutely adore Facebook memories. I start most days by looking at what those memories are. Most of them make me feel very happy. Some of them are harder to read but always ground me in my truth, remind me of my divinity. Today's Facebook memory from 2014 was a day I will never forget.

Pure magic this morning out on the water. The most surreal water experience ever! As I started to paddle out this morning, I looked around and I was literally the only person out there but quickly I noticed a couple of dolphins coming my direction. I continued to paddle and then there were more, the further I paddled l, the more dolphins. About 15-30 feet out there was literally a circle of dolphins completely around me. It was unbelievable!!! I counted at least 30 dolphins but probably more. It was like a private dolphin show was being performed for me. I have to admit, it made me a tiny bit nervous because they were literally everywhere around me and so many. Then I witnessed something I have never seen...some of them were just floating on too of the water. WOW!! Some were breaching and spouting, some just floating and most just lazily diving in and out of the water. I just stood there paddling in circles for about 20 minutes before some of them moved on and I could paddle out. What a special gift!!!! I will never forget this!!!

I remember this day like it happened only a few minutes ago. Over the weekend, I listened to Paulo Ceolho on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. He talked about the first time he realized he was alive. He asked Oprah if she remembered the day she knew she was alive. The question provoked me intensely but instantly a few moments came to mind. My dolphin encounter was one of them.

We spend a great deal of our lives sleep walking. Just moving through life. I sure as heck have but there have been a few times when I was deep in the haze where I had a profound moment, the knowing I was alive. This day with the dolphins out in the wild was one of them. Most of these revelations have occurred for me in nature when I was “alone”. These moments take my breath away, sometimes they exhilarate me, sometimes they scare me. Each one though, filled me with determination to wake up. I haven't always have the vernacular to explain the awakening. I am just damn grateful that something in me kept paying attention. Now the days where I sleep walk are few and the days where I know I am alive are my norm. It is amazing to be awake! To know I am alive and for a reason!

About 18 months ago I began a practice of waking each day and asking myself this question,

What will I do today to live in full service of my heart?

Talk about life affirming! There is no way to be conscious of what your heart needs and still sleepwalk through life. I encourage you to write the question down on a card or piece of paper and set it on your nightstand. Let it be the first thing you see each day. A simple reminder that you are alive and that you have a choice to embody this one miraculous life of yours or to not. I am here to tell you that the comfort of sleepwalking is nothing compared to the radiant life that awaits you when you wake up and step fully present into your life!

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