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Baby it’s cold out there...

This cold.....digging deep to embrace it.

It requires not only a mental shift to feel good during these long cold winter days but a physical shift as well. Lots of earthy, grounding foods such as root veggies, squash, warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, hearty soups, and lots of golden milk to sip. I also do more dry brushing and warm oil massage on my skin. As tempting as it is to take really hot showers, I avoid them because it dries my skin out. I do more kundalini yoga this time of year and stretch my mediations out to be longer. Winter is my creative season so lots of nurturing that by getting in my studio and playing more to keep my spirit happy. I light more incense and candles, usually have my fire going and always buy myself fresh flowers with evergreen clippings from my yard. I also refuse to stay indoors, bundling up to hike or explore outdoors.

For the first decade I was away from SC living here in PA, I struggled to feel happy during the winter months but I have grown fond of winter. There is an abiding sense of tranquility here during the winter. Winter has taught me many transformative lessons about introspection, stillness, non-resistance and peace. A time of the crone, my inner wise woman. The quiet medicine of winter can be graceful and serene if we allow it in.

How do you embrace the quiet medicine of winter?

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