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All Things Spice & Nice

I am a southern girl & despite thirteen years living up north, I am still not used to these blustery winter mornings. Here are some ways I'm nourishing the soul and keeping it warm this winter!

Good morning from a very cold & windy Pennsylvania. As I headed out early this morning for some exercise, I couldn’t believe how cold it was. In the teens here this morning! I am a southern girl & despite 13 years living up north, I am still not used to these blustery winter mornings. Warmed up quick at the gym though (for those of you that know me, the gym + me is a shocking combo. I am keeping up with my yoga/pilates practice but am trying to strengthen a hip/knee injury with some weight training….so out of my comfort zone but finding it to be a nice compliment to yoga/pilates.) While getting some cardio in on a stationary bike, I listened to my daily message from Victoria Smith of the Mojo Lab.

She has put together a very sweet 12 Days Of Wonder all about staying present in the moment this season so we can fully experience the beauty & magic that is abundant. Her message this morning was all about taking time to warm up from the inside out with a simple hot tea or coffee ritual.

I am an avid tea drinker. My go to is either a loose black tea infused with rose from a darling little local shop, One Good Woman or Tulsi Sweet Rose by Organic India (it claims to be magical & stress relieving….IT IS TRUE!!!). I sip hot tea most of the day, well as a home schooling momma it might be more accurate to say I reheat tea all day! LOL Something about sipping hot tea from a favorite mug, just soothes my soul. For a treat in sometimes, I will get out my frother for something a bit more decadent. Victoria’s message this morning inspired me to make a big mug of something sweet & spicy to warm myself up.

I zested a little orange peel & fresh ginger into my mug, added a sprinkle of cinnamon & a big drizzle of raw, local honey (could also use agave or maple syrup). I covered it with about 1/4 cup boiling water and let it sit for a minute. While that sat, I got out my frother to turn this into a spicy mocha latte. I filled the frother to the indicated line with almond milk & added a heaping teaspoon of cacoa powder. The result is a super creamy, foamy hot chocolate. Pour it over your spicy tea that you’ve been steeping, sprinkle with a little extra cinnamon and enjoy!

It is a big mug of everything that the holiday season tastes & smells like…all things spice & nice! Of course the cacao, cinnamon & ginger are all so good for your body but more importantly, taking the time to do something sweet for yourself is good for your mind & spirit, will shine that soul of yours right up! Give yourself permission to slow down this season, make a mug of something special, sit by the fire with your favorite book or chat with a special friend, soak in the tub, say yes to only those invitations & requests that you truly feel called to, hold close those you love the most & just allow yourself to be fully present. In this space, the abundant beauty & magic of the season will be revealed to you.

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