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"When you shift your perspective suddenly the life you're living changes."

A few days ago I was standing on the front porch just looking out at the morning sun. Down the hill a ways, along the driveway, I spotted a very large mushroom. The curious nature lover in me carried me down the walkway to get a closer look. From where I was standing very close, I saw just the one large mushroom. I thought playfully this would make an excellent place for the fairies to rest under to escape the hot sun. I took a photo from where I was standing because I was amazed at the size of this mushroom. I then got down on my hands & knees to take a closer look at this beauty only to discover there was a little row of mushrooms. They were nestled so close together & lined up in a perfect row so that as I stood almost over them, I could not see all three of these gems.

In that moment, I realized just how much perspective really does change things. A step forward or a step back & everything is different. I needed this reminder from Mother Nature as I have been struggling with some big & very real challenges finding myself 'stuck'. A shift in mindset isn't as easy as simply taking a photo from a different angle. Shifting mental perspectives requires a willingness & desire to move from where I feel comfortable or find myself firmly rooted. That willingness often arises for me after a rupture when remaining where I was is simply not an option or just too painful. However.... sometimes it is just a simple reminder from Pachamama like I had a few days ago. The more I practice this willingness to be open, the more easily I am able to shift mindset.

Nature is probably my greatest teacher. I have such reverence for Pachamama. I turn to the outdoors when I feel uncertain, lost or stuck. Taking a slow, deep breath of fresh air is one of the easiest ways for me to open my heart & mind to a new or different possibility. From here I am able to ask myself what I believe to be true, I write it down in my journal. I am then able to discern if these are perceived truths or actual truths. This process is so powerful & with practice has become easier for me to shift perspectives allowing me to flow through life instead of resisting. Nature is always shifting, changing, inviting us to explore things from different viewpoints. When I follow her lead, I am always presented with a fresh new perspective full of love, hope, magic & beauty. I am eternally grateful for these lessons....

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