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Natural Detox with Nettles...

I love wild harvesting and growing my own medicinal herbs. A few weekends ago, I came across a huge nettle patch. I approached with caution and offered gratitude and a little gift for the harvest of these amazing plants!

Brought them home to dry out for a few days. In my own garden, my lemon balm and mint are abundant! Have dried mason jars full of nettle, mint and lemon balm already!

I love brewing it in large batches for both hot tea in the morning and a cool refresher on these hot afternoons. Today’s batch I sweetened with just a couple small stevia leaves from my garden.

Not only does this taste amazing but this combo is so good for you!!! Nettle, on a spiritual/emotional level, asks us to pay attention, that with mindful attention we can get closer. 💚On a physical level nettle has powerful healing qualities. They are very detoxifying and cleansing to the body, as well as incredibly nutrient dense when eaten containing loads of protein and fiber. Nettles cleanse our blood and support our liver and kidneys. The added mint and lemon balm stimulate clarity and alertness, creating a vibrancy of mind, body and spirit. Nettle is easily harvested in wet areas such as riverbanks but be mindful when harvesting because nettles will sting you. Wear thick gloves and harvest with mindful presence. Mint and lemon balm are super easy to grow at home, but you may want to grow your mint in big pots because it will spread like crazy! Give it a try!

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