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Bringing Back Balance

September always feels like the time of year when things come back into balance. We shift away from the extreme summer heat towards cooler mornings & evenings with warm afternoons. There is a shift from the summer play mindset to returning to school with more structure in our days. The long hours of sunshine transition to more equal parts of light & dark. The frenetic energy of summer settles down as we move towards the balancing energy of the autumnal equinox. September invites a sense of harmony to both our physical & emotional bodies.

As much as I look forward to summer, I always welcome September. This summer felt more out of balance than any summer I can recall. I am sure this goes back to early spring as we all suddenly found ourselves sheltering in place & practicing extreme social distancing for many months (and still doing so). I have however, felt a palpable shift in energy the last two weeks or so towards something that feels more balanced. A welcomed relief! I know some of it is the noticeable shifting of the seasons. Some of it also has been a dedication to balancing practices. As I feel like I am not juggling so much energetically, my mind suddenly feels more creative & at the same time I am finding I am equally task oriented. I have been able to make some important & life changing decisions that I wasn't able to create enough equanimity to make during the summer frenzy.

I am welcoming autumn with open arms & am inviting the balanced energy of the approaching Autumn Equinox to my regular mind/body/spirit practices. These balancing practices feel in tune with the shifting energies of nature.

  1. Getting a little more sleep now that the sun is setting earlier

  2. Pranayama practices such as Sama Vritti (equal breath) or Nadi Shodhon (alternate nostril breathing)

  3. Pilates movement focused on the six movements of the spine

  4. Restorative yoga asana, plus balance postures like spinal balance & tree pose

  5. Returning to my morning ritual of hot tea made with holy basil & rose

  6. Mala meditation

  7. Time reflecting & journaling on areas of my life that feel in balance along with areas that feel out of balance. Taking one small, committed step in the direction of a greater sense of harmony

  8. Making time for creative activities (painting, cooking, singing, dancing, etc.)

  9. Quiet time alone in nature

These simple regular activities are guiding me back to a deeper sense of harmony. September is a time to really evaluate the level of harmony we have in our lives. Step into this new month with greater balance by deciding what you truly want to put effort & energy towards & that which you wish to release/surrender. Remember....

"Life is a balance between what we can control & what we cannot. I am learning to live between effort & surrender." -Danielle Orner

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